Texas Free Falling Farm

Goats that fall plus lots more!

Welcome to Texas Free Falling Farm. There is always alot of falling going on here because of my fainting goats!  


I have always loved animals of all kinds. I currently raise both the fainting goats and the nigerian dwarf goats. I have fancy chickens that lay plenty of eggs ,as well as, rabbits and dogs! I live in Deep East Texas near the Louisiana border.

Fainting Goats

My fainting goats are all registered with the American Fainting Goat Organization (AFGO). They were chosen from some of the best herds around. I raise them to show, breed and as pets. They are all historically correct and certified.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

All my nigerian dwarf goats are registered with the American Goat Society (AGS). I love to milk my goats and drink the fresh milk! I may have a nigerian for sale from time to time but most are pets and for used for their milk.


I have had rabbits most of my life. I enjoy watching them. I have a Lion Head bunny called King. He is the sweetest bunny.

Fancy Chickens

Most of my chickens are of the fancier breeds. My flock consist of: polish, cochins, & silkies.


I have several dogs, I have had dogs all my life. They are like my kids. Spoiled but they dont know that!  

Books                                                              Fainting Goats Kids At Play

I am the co-author of Kids at Play! Look for it at Amazon.com It is full of lots of pictures of the Fainting goats! Easy to read too!